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ONE OFF Collections Shredding Services

What MAW Shredding Services can offer your Company....

shreddingSuggested Use for the one off collection service:

  • Clearance of archive documents
  • Office Clearance
  • Bulk Clearance
  • Unwanted files
  • Old documents
  • Computer hard drive destruction

If you are not sure whether an onsite or offsite disposal solution is the best one for your organisation’s needs then a member of our team will be happy to run through the costs and implications of each service and suggest the most appropriate one based on the information you supply them with regarding your requirements. Whichever service you settle on you can be assured of our best attention at all times when carrying out our work.

  • team of specialists and support staff
  • Flexibility, a tailored service to suit your requirements
  • Data destruction certificate issued
  • Fully auditable paper trail
  • High security paper shredding
  • Containers or bags supplied if required
  • Cost effective methology
  • Personnel contracts manager
  • Confidential, Secure Shredding & Destruction
  • We ensure you comply with current data protection laws
  • Email and phone collection request
  • All staff C.R.B. Checked
  • Free Certificate of Environmental Responsibility

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  • Account Records
  • Document & Data
  • Hard drives
  • Marketing Materials
  • Bank Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Document & Data
  • Hard drives
  • Marketing Materials
  • Bank Documents
  • contacts

    Paper is a part of our daily lives. It can be found almost anywhere in any form. Paper recycling is the process of manufacturing old paper products and turning them into new, reusable paper products. When recycled paper is used, many new products can be made such as egg cartons, paper towels, tissue paper, etc. The best thing about paper recycling is that it uses less chemicals and bleaches, which is safer for the environment

    Environmentally Responsible we continually strive to minimise both your company’s and our impact on the environment, through recycling wherever possible and reducing energy consumption
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